Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords Gas Safety

Gas Safety Checks for Landlords

WarmFront will carry out Landlord Gas Safety Checks and also appliance servicing, either from your letting agents or directly from yourselves. WarmFront will carry out one off gas inspections either for multiple properties or a single property. On completion of each Landlord Gas Safety Check you will be provided with a CP12 certificate.

Gas Safety duties for Landlords

As a Landlord you have to be aware of your gas safety duties to your tenants. There are many illegal gas workers who carry out poor gas work, which can, and do, cause serious consequences, including illnesses and even death. As a landlord you have to be aware of your responsibilities to ensure your tenants are safe. Gas checks on all appliances will be needed once a year to make sure they are safe to operate.

Gas Safety for tenants

As a tenant you have rights, and this includes the safety of all the gas appliances in the property you are renting. Your landlord is responsible for the gas safety in the property. All gas appliances should be checked over once a year, failure to do so could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, which can potentially be fatal. Make sure you are aware of your landlord’s gas safety record to make sure all the gas safety checks are up to date.

Gas Safety for students

As a student you should be fully aware of your landlord’s gas safety record. Appliances have to be inspected once a year to ensure your safety. Your landlord, by law, must provide you with a copy of their gas safety record. It doesn’t cost you or your housemates a penny but could potentially be a life saver.

Landlord information – What you need to know

As a landlord you have certain legal responsibilities towards your tenants and this includes gas safety.

When it comes to rental accommodation you are responsible for your tenant’s safety. Landlords have many duties and this applies to a wide range of different accommodations that are occupied under a lease. These properties may include:

  • Residential premises that have been provided by local authorities, private sector landlords, housing associations, hostels and also housing co – operatives.
  • Any rooms that are in bed – sit properties, bed and breakfasts, hotels and also private houses.
  • Holiday accommodation that may include chalets, flats, narrow boats, caravans and cottages.

The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 includes all landlord duties. These regulations ensure gas appliances, flues and fittings are safe to use, and therefore, ensuring the safety of the tenants.

A landlord’s responsibilities

When you rent a property that is equipped with gas appliances you have certain responsibilities, including:

Gas safety Checks

As a landlord you will have to have any gas appliances checked over once a year to ensure your tenants safety. Gas safety checks will give you peace of mind that all appliances are safe and can be used.


All pipework, flues and appliances have to be maintained to ensure they are in good working order. Any gas appliances will have to be serviced once a year or according to the manufactures instructions.

Safety Record

You have to provide your tenant with a copy of your gas safety record within 28 days of the gas safety check being carried out. You will also have to provide this copy to any new tenants before they move into the property. You will have to keep your copy for two years after the gas safety check.

All the gas inspections and maintenance checks will have to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

A tenant may have their own gas appliance that you have not provided them with. This means that you, as the landlord, aren’t responsible for that appliance itself but you are responsible for the maintenance of the gas pipework.

As the landlord you need to show your tenants where they turn off the gas in the property and what they should do if there is a gas emergency in the property.

Tenants not allowing the landlord access

The contract between you and your tenant should allow you access to the property for any maintenance checks or other safety checks. You, as the landlord, have to do all you can to ensure these checks are carried out. It may involve you giving your tenants a written notice, to inform them that these checks will be happening.

What about short term rentals?

As a landlord you will still be required to carry out gas safety checks on your property, even if the property is only being rented for a short while. It could be the case that the property is only being rented for one week, it doesn’t matter, you are the landlord and it’s your duty to ensure the property is safe for the tenants.

For more information on gas safety, visit the Gas Safe website, where you’ll find more information on your responsibilities as a landlord.

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